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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  November 17, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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francisco. he was there when the protesters clashed with the police. david? >> reporter: that's right. the barricades are still up here at the u.c. s.f. mission bay campus after a dramatic day of protests that included that u.c. officer drawing his gun on a crowd. they quickly became a volatile confrontation between the protesters and the police. three officers faced off with a crowd of about four dozen, attempting to enter the conference hall through an adjacent garage. one officer got into a confrontation as he tried to clear the crowd. he drew his gun on the protesters while keeping his finger off the trigger. >> the crowd disarmed the officer of his baton. that officer was injured. he did draw his weapon to protect himself. >> reporter: the regents are set to vote tomorrow on an 8% student fee hike. the university officials say it is necessary to close a billion
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dollar budget shortfall. >> my family is around $50,000 in debt because of all of these student loans. >> our funding from the state on a per student basis has declined about 50% in the last 20 years. >> reporter: as the students and workers spoke out, the protesters outside faced off against ucsf police officers. >> an officer was rushed. the barricade was used by the demonstrators against the officers. he was injured. another was attempted to be pulled over the barricade by the crowd and pepper spray was used as defense to that activity. >> reporter: at least 15 people were exposed the spray. the protesters called the police response extreme. >> and he tried to get into the meeting going down the stairwell and they started pushing up the stairwell. someone fell on top of me and then there was pepper spray. [ chanting ] >> reporter: the protesters shouted shame on you and take his gun after that incident which is being investigated now by u.c.
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police. 13 arrests were made, including 11 students. most of them were charged with misdemeanors, although one student is being charged with a felony for allegedly striking an officer with his own baton. reporting life in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. as david just said, the protesters are angry about the proposed 8% increase in tuition, but that is not the only change under consideration here. the regents are also looking into reducing its contribution to retiree health premium and chaining eligibility rules for health benefits so that the premiums are based on years of service and age of retirement. they're also looking at adding a pension tier which could raise the retirement age from 50 up to 55. for more information about today's protest and the proposal by the u.c. regents, go the our web site, day three of the preliminary hearing involving that young girl who police say was gang raped produced more drattic and gut wrenching testimony today. on the stand once again was the crime scene investigator
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talking about the young girl's condition. rita williams was in court and she is life in martinez tonight with our report. rita? >> reporter: frank, in court here it took all day for just one witness to testify. families of the seven defendants watched as the deputies marched the men to and from the jail and courthouse in martinez today. the men, from 16 to 43 years old, are charged in the alleged two-hour gang rape last year of a 16-year-old richmond high school student after her homecoming dance. the crime scene investigator was back on the scene today more composed than late yesterday when she choked up describing photos she took of the 16-year-old girl right after she was found. today, she said the girl had scrapes on her knuckles and the tops of her toes and feet, but the judge would in the allow her to say if she thought the girl had been dragged.
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in cross examination, the defense attorneys asked her why instead of administering first aid she first took photos of the girl naked from the waist dunn and she replied, quote, i saw the need to photograph her in that position. there were unintellable sounds coming from her. so the defense attorney asks, so it was obvious she was alive? yes, barely. >> and they thought moving her would be more harmful than leaving her where she was. >> reporter: just before the lunch break, the prosecutor gave the seven defense attorneys brown envelopes containing the girl's medical records from the hospital where she spent almost a week after she was found. >> it is fair to say that critical was putting it minor. i mean, she had injuries that were life threatening, and that's going to be introduced through these records. >> reporter: the direct testimony over two days took little more than an hour, but the contribution by each of the
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seven different defense attorneys was lengthy. twice today eliciting laughter when one attorney actually objected to another attorney's question. by the end of the day today, only five out of an expected 20 witnesses had finished testifying prompting the judge to say, quote, i had hoped we'd be done by thanksgiving. it is beginning to look like christmas. reporting live in martinez, rita williams, channel 2 news. in election 2010, the democrat harris continues to hold a slight lead in the race for california attorney general. right now harris is 30,000 votes ahead of the republican steve cooley hawaii is a lead of four tenths of a percentage point. the greatest scrutiny is now being placed on los angeles county which has 9 3,000 ballots still left to count. by law, the vote counting must be complete by november 30th. the san francisco
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congresswoman nancy pelosi will serve another term as her party's leader in the house of representatives. the democrats voting overwhelmingly today to keep her at the postwhen the republicans take control of the house next year. but as we report, some big questions remain about the damage the soon-to-been minority leader has already suffered politically. >> reporter: nancy pelosi won 3- 4 votes today from her house democratic colleagues 1-rbgs 50 altogether and 43 democrats voting for someone else. as one house democrat from north carolina told me, there was a lot of unrest in the room, though, before the vote. they walked into the room and then met behind those two closed doors for five hours. but when they walked out, nancy pelosi and her leadership team all smiles. she survived an election night disaster and remains leader of the house democrats. >> i'm the person that can attract the resources both intellectual and otherwise to take us to victory because i have done it before.
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i feel confident and i'm so proud of our members and so many of them have said to me that they want to keep the door open to running again and to work with this leadership team. >> reporter: but she had to win a war on two fronts to keep this job. one fax of democrats -- faction of democrats wanted to delay the vote to allow for more deliberations and perhaps another candidate to surface and another faction voted instead for this former nfl quarterback turned congressman from north carolina. >> to ensure that the moderates are heard within the caucus and that we have a seat at the table. and i think that's what most of america would ask, that our caucusove in that direction. >> she's going to have to quickly bring those guys in, try to figure out what they want because if she is going to have any credibility with them and get them to the table, get them to engage, she's going to have to do it very quickly. >> reporter: as the minority leader, nancy pelosi will remain in her party. she keep as big staff and suite
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of her offices, and it could guarantee that you'll see a lot of her in campaign ads in 2012. today it is very much in nancy pelosi's favor. election night knocked down dozens of moderate swing state democrat whose would have voted against her likely today. california democrats, which make up about 20% of the house democratic caucus, and the party's liberal wing very much in miss pelosi's favor, easily survived election night. scott mcfarland, ktvu, channel 2 news. new numbers show that meg whitman put even more money for her run than formerly reported. she gave her campaign $2.6 million on election day that brings the total amount spent by whitman to more than $144 million of her own money. whitman's run for governor was the most intensive gubernatorial campaign in u.s. history. and the city of san francisco is taking aim at an immigration lawyer for
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allegedly defrauding thousands of clients over a number of years. today the city attorney filed suit against the former immigration lawyer, and the lawsuit alleges that he preyed on immigrants, charged exorbitant fees and provided sub standard work. herrera says he did not tell his clients that he resigned from his law practice in 2008, and called him one of san francisco's most notorious predators. >> i know that there are a great many people that have been victimized, and a whole veteran of communities here in the city and county of san francisco, and throughout the state of california. >> reporter: if successful, the case could result in civil penalties of up to $2,500 for each violation along with restitution to the victims. drug maker roach which has lab ins south san francisco and vacaville announced today it is sending out pink slips to thousands of its workers. it will cut 4,800 jobs, mostly here in the u.s., but it is not yet known how many of those eliminated positions will be from here in the bay area.
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the company says the 6% work force reduction is an effort to save $2.5 billion over the next two years. the cut also mainly affect positions in sales, marketing and manufacturing. last month they reported the 7% drop in third quarter sales. on wall street, stocks ened with mixed results today amid ongoing national and international concerns. in bell tolls ] speculation that ireland will need outside help to repay its debts coupled with a steep drop in housing construction in the united states contributed to the uncertainty. the dow ended up dropping 15 points closing the day at 11,007. the nasdaq was up slightly at the end of the day closing at 2,476. san francisco's moving forward with plans to streamline the permit process for street food vendors. in a unanimous vote the board of supervisors decided to reduce the price of permits operators must obtain. lit also let the vendor whose show up at multiple locations
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get just one permit. they can also get an annual permit which would reduce the number of health inspections. the board must still take a final vote. and the police are investigating a fatal pedestrian accident today involving a shuttle van. it happened just before 12:30 this afternoon. and the investigators say the passenger van hit a woman what was in the cross walk. the woman's identity hasn't been released as of yet. the police say she was in her mid 60s. the intersection was shut down and the uniy service was rerouted for about three hours as a result of that accident. so far no citations have been issued and no arrests have been made. i'm paul chambers live in oakland. one day after a man was shot and killed, the church leaders now say the new mayor and oakland police need to step up. and it cooled off a bit today. there is even some fog, and chains i talked about last night, they're happening right now. i'm going to show you the weather system that will bring
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police have been questioning a man who may have threatened people walking this morning from his perch up in a tree. the police shut down part of the street for about an hour and a half this morning while they coaxed the man down following the reports that he was armed with some kind of sharp object. no one was actually injured. the leader of theiture inch oakland where a young man was gunned down early they are week is issuing a challenge tonight. this comes as we're learning more about the difficult life of the victim and how he was trying to turn his life around at the time of his death. paul chambers life at that church now with more. paul? >> reporter: frank, let me first start off with the investigation, oakland police are being very tight lipped about it. they did say they're following several leads. the church leaders say gun violence on the streets needs to stop, especially on the heels of a shooting that happened outside of the church. that's when the 46-year-old leon wilson took his final breath behind me at the foot of this wooden cross outside this
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church. >> you can see the man's body reflected in his own pool of blood as well as the reflex of this cross here. >> reporter: he believes he led a blessed an cursed life, cursed of how his life ended, but how he died trying to change his life at the church. >> it is unfortunate that we couldn't keep this gentleman alive, but it is fortunate that we had something here that at the end of his life, he was actually trying to do something positive. >> reporter: wilson who was release leased from prison about a ma ago was taking ged classes here. those who interacted with him say he was an easy going person. he was in the classroom when he received a phone call. the witnesses claim they overheard wilson say i'll be right out. moments later, the shots were fired. >> and i heard people yelling and screaming, oh, my god. he was shot and he is shot him. >> as tragic as it is, reinforces the need for us to
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provide programs in this community. >> reporter: the church leaders say they worked for years to provide a positive way of life for its members and those in the community, but it is something that they can't do alone. that's why one of the church leaders issued a challenge to community leaders to reduce gun violence on the streets of oakland. >> we need to have the police chief, the mayor and all of the council people to convene a special meeting, a special meeting to determine what are they going to do about all of these guns in our communities. >> reporter: now, earlier today the church announced it received more than 400,000 in grant money to combat violence. coming up at 6:00, i'll tell you what else the money will be used for and what other bay area city will be benefit from the funds. live in oakland, ktvu news. now to richmond where the police are looking for a suspect in connection with a deadly shooting this morning. the police say they received a lot of calls just before 10:30 a.m. about shots fired near south 31st street. according to witnesses, the
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shooter walked up to the 18- year-old victim, shot him and left the scene in a chevrolet suburban. the investigator have not yet released the flame of the victim or the motive for the shooting. the environment protection agency is warning cal tran to improve the way it handles storm run off if it wants to avoid stiff, federal fines. the epa says it has found traces of metal, grease and pesticides from cal tran's construction sites, along 50,000 miles of roadways. some of that debris is making its way in the state waterways in violation of the clean water act. cal tran has until december 31st of next year to meet epa guidelines. and an independent panel of technical experts look ing into the causes of the b.p. oil disaster says bp missed crucial warning signs. the 28-page report is from the national academy of engineering and research council. it says bp's poor systemic approach to well safety and plus technical and operational breakdowns all contributed to the deep water horizon oil rig
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explosion. the report also says it may not be possible to establish what happened during the blast because much of the evidence was lost due to the explosion. another nice day here in the bay area, but as we go over to our chief meteorologist, bill, i nee you have been checking the models. >> the computer models are lining up. i'm going to show you the latest one here in a little bit. the system i'm tracking, a cold one coming from the north. here it is. you can see the low center here. the rotation is ke this. well, when you have a rotation around a low drawing from the north like that, you're bringing in some very, very cold gulf of alaska air. this is the front right here. this whole system slides south into friday night. we're going to get rain around here friday night, saturday and sunday. we're going to be chilly there mountains. the temperatures are dropping. they cooled off a little today. they're going to cool off a little tomorrow. here is the system i'm tracking.
5:19 pm
the rainfall not that -- it appears heavy. a half inch to an inch. you figure that's over friday night, saturday into sunday. it is not a lot for three days. so a quarter inch to a half inch to an inch. there is a cold weather system. it is not going to drop a lot of moisture. there is not a lot of moisture tied up into this thing. what we'll notice, low temperatures, and we'll also notice snow levels easily below 5,000 feet. perhaps a dusting on top of the snow, and especially hamilton. so that is in the a big deal, but the fact that this thing is cold enough to drop snow levels to 4,000 or 5,000 feet is. it is an early season cold snow. as we get into the weekend, you're going to think it is january or february. it is not going to feel like last weekend, which felt like october, september. overnight lows cool. we had frost this morning. frost again tomorrow morning. 39 in napa. 38 in santa rosa. i say this every time. you don't have to have freezing to get frost. these teeratures, all of these, antioch, you're going to get frost so be ready for that.
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the overnight low also get chilly as well. i have the new computer model. it is interesting. it is going to show you a better idea of the timing of this system as it moves through the bay area starting friday afternoon. i'll be back here in a little bit. i'll show it to you. >> thank you. the year lie meteor shower peeks tonight, but as is often the case, the weather here in the bay area may keep you from getting a clear view. the sky watchers can expect to see about 15 meteors an hour depending on the cloud cover. the best time to watch will be just before dawn after the moon sets. well, it has happened again. the police say a second college co-ed has been assaulted at a northern california school. also, kidnapped for ransom. the san jose police are revealing tonight about what she did after a kidnapping that could have cost his loved ones his life. a church pastor is sending a warning to the married followers about the social network facebook and why he wants them to log off and stay
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the police at is about state university have increased their patrols tonight after all rights of a second sexual assault in the last two months. on monday a female student told police she was assaulted on the top floor of a parking garage. the police say last month another student said three men pulled her into a van and sexually assaulted her in a different campus parking lot. at this time the police are not saying whether the two assaults
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are connected. well, tonight as we're getting new details from san jose police about a kidnapping for ransom case, they're also telling the residents how to protect themselves from becoming victims of the same type of crime. the police arrested five suspects and arrested the business owner who was kidnapped november 4. reportedly the suspects demanded a million dollars in ransom. the police say the victim's family waited until the next day to call police to tell them what was happening. >> and in this case, there was a delay, and we want to encourage others if something similar to this occurs or any crime occurs, please notify the police department as soon as possible. >> reporter: the investigators say the kidnappers used a former law enforcement vehicle they bought at auction. they say anytime someone suspects someone is impersonating an officer or see something they don't believe as part of a legitimate police operation, they should call 911 immediately. two of the suspects in this case in this case are being held without bail. the bond for the others set at
5:25 pm
$500,000 each. a pastor in new jersey has ordered married couples in his church to stop using facebook. the reverend says 20 couples in his living word christian church have had marital problems after connecting with old boyfriends and girlfriends on facebook. reverend miller told his congregation that married couple whose refuse to give up facebook must resign leadership positions within the church by this sunday. and ucsf is encouraging people to play facebook's popular farmville game to raise money for children's hospital. beginning december 1, san francisco bay will donate money the players spend to purchase the game's candy cane crop to the hospital fund. zinga's facebook games have raised more than $3 million in relief aid to earthquake ravaged haiti. amid rumors that he will resign office early, oakland's mayor skips his final state of the city speech. we'll have a live report. and the flak continues over
5:26 pm
the pat down search at many airports, including the bay area. that story story is coming up. we uncover the bizarre criminal history of a former police officer and how it took years to fire the cop.
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a resident of oakland tonight talking about the state of the city. it comes as the mayor today issued his own annual state of the city, but not in person, he did it online. there's also some speculation tonight that the mayor might resign early so that he can take a higher paying lobbying job in washington, d.c., which would help him pay off the $25 2,000 tax lien he owes before the end of the year.
5:29 pm
we're live in oakland tonight with more on the mayor and the state of the city. jim? >> reporter: frank, there was no sign of the mayor at city hall today, and no word whether or not he is going to resign his office early. h e was supposed to give his state of the city message today and instead he posted a let tore oaklanders on the city web site, along with a 68-page report. in his state of the city let tore oaklanders, the mayor pointed to new small businesses and increasing employment, despite the great recession, and he says oakland is safer for all its residents. crime, including hoses -- homicides is down. but when we spoke to people on the streets of the city today, they said they don't feel it as safe. >> we all know we need a lot more direction and what to do with our police force. >> i don't come out at night. >> there's too much separation between the government and the people. >> reporter: oakland city councilmen say the city is in a
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critical financial situation. >> and you're looking at really more than a billion dollars in unfunded, and our pensions. >> reporter: but they think the voters' passage of a parcel tax will go a long way to bringing back some of the 80 laid off police officers. >> and having hopefully din were the police officers' union next week. and i want them to negotiate with us to pay their fair share of the pension, and i think if they do, we can bring most of those officers back. >> reporter: so the mayor is going to change, but it seems that the biggest problems for oakland remain. live in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. oakland mayor has a long political history, not just here in the bay area, but also washington, d.c. he became play of oakland in 2006, and before that he served in the house ofs two decades from 1971 until 1998. and he also served on the berkeley city council from 1967 to 1970. and now to the controversy over the new airport security
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measures that some travelers are calling invasive or even potentially dangerous. today the head of the transportation security administration defended the new security measures and essentially said get used to it. we're live at san jose international airport tonight with more on this. robert? >> reporter: well, frab, the tsa defending the full body scanners and the pat down searches, with images such as this to show how someone could smuggle a weapon in their groin area. many people we talked to accept the precautions, but some reluctantly. the busiest air travel day of the year is one week away, so thousands of people using bay area airports will have to choose between the full body scanners or the tsa's new pat down search procedures. >> i feel anything that will help us stay secure would be good for the country. i would prefer to have that happen than something get through on a plane that i'm flying on. >> reporter: that was the message that the tsaed a plain stray for delivered to the
5:32 pm
senate committee today who said that two recent bomb plots were thwarted by the scanners. the radiation is safe, but after acknowledged going through the pat down search, it was more invasive than he was used to. he tried to appease growing concern. >> you test my junk, i'm going to have you arrested. >> i'm very sensitive to and concerned about people's privacy concerns, and i want to work through that as best we can. the bottom line is we need to provide for the best possible security. >> reporter: travelers we talked to had mixed feelings. >> i'm actually a little more comfortable with the pat down searches because it is very quick and it is not invasive to my bed and i have a choice as to what radiation is entering my bed or not. >> i'm not too worried about the radiation. i'd rather have a scan than any type of search or pat down. >> reporter: some want more studies done. >> i want to see the data to
5:33 pm
see why we're changing it from what we have done in the past. >> reporter: and some members of the senate commity made the same request and several web sites are now calling for a boycott of holiday air travel as a protest. ktvu, channel 2 news. san jose assemblyman says he plans to re-introduce legislation to ban drinks that combine alcohol and caffeine following the fda's initial moves to ban those drinks. the assemblyman introduced the bill in january that would have banned the mixed drinks in california, but the measure failed to make it to the assembly floor for a vote. the fda says the mix of caffeine and alcohol pose a public health concern. large doses of caffeine in the drinks have allowed some people to drink more alcohol, leading to cases of alcohol poisoning. and jurors in washington, d.c. today finished their first day of deliberations in the shondra levy trial. levy, who was from modesto,
5:34 pm
disappeared in may of 2001. the prosecutors say he attacked her while she was jogging. her body was not discovered until more than a year after she went missing. and levy was a federal intern and was row monotick include linked to then modesto congressman gary con dit who testified at the trial. harvard university students may have hit a sore subject of their rival yale. a show has released a parody video making fun of last year's murder of a yale graduate student. it refers to the killing of the 24-year-old annie live whose body was found rebind a research wall last year at yale. and it takes a shot at its academics, facilities and crime near the school. and a white house ceremony and, plus, one bay area venue is saying no to rave parties. a high-tech way to attack high blood pressure. the message here in the bay area, and it is said to work
5:35 pm
better than popping a pill.
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5:37 pm
rave-type music events and parties are now banned at the cal palace, at least for now. the board made the decision in response to two recent incidents, one involved a drug- related death and three weeks ago more than a dozen people
5:38 pm
got sick during an event there. the board's vote was unanimous. to impose the ban, it is still unclear how long that ban will be in effect. a community meeting set for saturday to discuss redevelopment plans for the former oakland army bates. it was absolute down more than a year ago. they want to hear from the community about what would be the best way to develop the site. information and ideas that come to the meet willing be taken to the city council for consideration. a new report is slamming nearly every state for not doing enough to help people quit smoking. the campaign for tobacco free kids says its anti-smoking program to the lowest level since 1999. many states blame cuts on economic times. funding for anti-smoking programs in 2011 in clay c-- california will be cut by $2 million. still, california spends more on those programs than many other states. a ucsf professor and three engineers were given the nation's highest awards in
5:39 pm
science at a white house ceremony this afternoon. the neurology professor stanley presser was given the national medal of science for his work on small proteins believed to be the cause of alzheimer's and mad cow disease. he won the 1997 noble prize in medicine for his discovery. and three silicon valley scientists were awarded a joint medal of science for their work in the 1970s at intel on what became the microcomputer chip. a bay area company says it has perfected a new method to reduce high blood pressure that doesn't involve drugs. the procedure is developed in mountain view and it uses radio waves to zap nerves in the arteries near the kidneys that influence blood pressure. patient whose received the treatment saw their blood pressure droop by an average of 33 points. many prescription drugs only give a 10-point drop. the company says it will ask for fda approval of this treatment next year.
5:40 pm
stanford university researchers have developed a safer method to reduce cat racks. about 1-3 people will have the surgery, and the new procedure uses a laser and precise 3-d imageing so the surgeon can remove the lens and replace it with an artificial one. the company hopes to win federal approval for the treatment next year. and parents in the east bay have lost a round in their bat toll keep a cell phone tower away from the classroom. what they plan to do next. plus -- >> and i placed my order and got a [beep] with it. >> the fall-out today after a burger king customer is given a vulgar receipt. and i'm tracking a weather system that will completely change this weather pattern from warm to cold. i'll tell you when that happens. ñsxóxgñ
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5:43 pm
some officials are campaigning they had to spend nearly a half million additional dollars because of the giants winning season. they say the extra costs included more than $3 70,000 for adding extra bustos get fans to the playoff games an about 130,000 for the victory parade. they say of that figure, nearly $100,000 in expenses is related to vandalism during the parade. some customers at a burger king in sacramento have been getting a less-than-30e lite thank you with their meals. several workers have now been fired for leaving less-than-
5:44 pm
polite messages on the customers' receipts. >> i placed my order and got a [beep] burger. >> reporter: the customer who received the receipt said again today he did nothing to provoke the workers, and that the firings are justified. >> and that just goes to show you, you don't play around with somebody's business. >> reporter: the customers at the burger king today are split about whether the decision is justified. >> and a little time off. i don't think he will do it again. >> i think they should lose their job. i really do. and for them to write something like that doesn't deserve the work here. >> reporter: francisco perez says the company called the offer him vouchers for free food. he told the company no, thanks, that he plans to never eat here again and he says he is thinking about filing a lawsuit. in sacramento, ktvu channel 2 news. and the parents of children at two east bay elementary schools are fighting to keep their phone towers away from classrooms. they have given approval for
5:45 pm
verizon wireless to install nine cell towers and gps towers. they are said to be installed a few hundred feet from north oakland's charter school and an elementary school. the parents say they're worried about a potential health risk. and the backlog of applications for food stamps and other requests for public assistance have reportedly overwhelmed san mateo county. officials say they're racing to process the backlog with the hope of catching up by the end of the year. the number of families seeking food assistance has doubled to about 1,500 in the past three years while california's budget crises cut nearly $2 million in county health care funding this year. >> and the new head of medicare testified before congress today about how he will run for go -- he will run, rather, the government-run program. the doctor has advocated for a single payer health care system for the entire nation, similar to medicare. he says the new health care law passed by congress will allow
5:46 pm
caregivers to do the work of treating patients. >> the new affordable care act offers os r. us a tremendous range of possibilities for making it possible to make them able to get together to do the kind of care they want. the kind of care organizations, medical homes and medicare and bundled payment. these are ways to support the system to come together to do the work that the chronically ill they really need them to do. >> the doctor has drawn criticism for those opposed to health care reform because of his admiration for european health care programs run by the government. next at 6:00, the controversial proposal to charge all cars coming into san francisco from the peninsula. let's go to our news room where we have a lack at our other stories. incredible sir vol lens video of a robby at a chuck e. cheese and how one of the suspects pot gun into the face of a teenager employeeness. the quick thinking that alerted police to a robbery in
5:47 pm
progress. and continuing coverage of the angry u.c. protest that really got t out of hand today. more on the demonstrations, the reaction and the meeting tonight that could lead to even more protests tomorrow. and plus, it is one of the most famous athletes in the wrld and today he was in the bay area, but he wasn't here to compete. what he was doing, coming up at 6:00. we'll see you then. thank you, julie. we're learning new details about a tragic hunting accident that took the life of a napa man last sunday afternoon. the sonoma county sheriff says the 50-year-old william daniel downs was getting out of his truck when another member of his hunting group swung his rifle to track a pheasant and fired him, hitting down ins the back of the head. the santa rosa press democrat is quoting sources close to the family who say it was downs' 11- year-old son who accidentally fired that shot. and the investigators have determined that the shooting was an accident. and let's turn back to weather now. our chief meteorologist will talk to us more about this
5:48 pm
complete 180 we're looking to see in a couple of days. >> definitely. we're going from summer -- it is like a good, fall warm pattern and it will go into the dead of winter. i have fog along the coast right now, out towards san francisco, and that cooled off half moon bay. the temperatures there just in the 50s. right now concord is still 65. livermore, 65. the temperatures turnover next few hours are going to plummet. it is going to get real cold tonight as we go into the evening hours. cooler for san raphael. this is your thursday forecast. you knew this was coming. we talked about it last night. a cooling trend. it has been slow. baa couple of degrees today. a few more tomorrow. san raphael, daytime high of 65 degrees. overnight low also be chilly. in the inland bay valleys, and frost in the napa valley, the alexander valley, and out in some of the areas of the north bay and the east bay as well. the forecast highs tomorrow, 60s, maybe some low 70s.
5:49 pm
tomorrow is sort of the last day of -- pardon me, as we get into friday, the cloud also increase. the showers -- now it looks like maybe lunchtime. light, scattered showers. to the north of us, that is cold air. that is just cold air. not a lot of moisture, but a lot of cold air. each one of those, you know when you look out in the spring you see the couple l.s.u. clouds, each one is a couple l.s.u. -- cloud. and so as we go into the weekend, the main event looks like it is going to be saturday night, but it starts sprinkling around here friday, goes through saturday and into sunday. here is how the model sees it. it changed a little bit from last night. now at 11:00 a.m., we have sprinkles. don't change your plans on this. that is just clouds and cool. now i'm seeing a little bit of rain. last night we just had the blues. maybe a little bit of rain
5:50 pm
showing up. friday afternoon is always a little dicey on the commute. you add this, it is going to change your plans. if you have mountain travel plans, you'll see a winter storm advisory with the snow levels down to perhaps 48. and saturday morning, it is all going on mr. the mountains, dreads lie around here. saturday afternoon, rain, cold rain, and saturday night, sunday morning, and i just went right through it. sunday will be scattered showers as well. saturday night, the heaviest rain. i'll slow it down for the next news cast. i promise. tomorrow is your next day anice day. your next nice day. mid 60s. but things are changing. it has been a heck of a run, hasn't it? we've had good rain, too. october was productive for rainfall. we're going to get more rain. this is not going to be a gully wash, and i won't call it new sans showers, but it will be kind of chilly and not accumulating to a heck of a
5:51 pm
lot. when it is cold like this, and it comes from the north, it will be good for the snow. in the mountains, they'll probably get two feet of snow. >> two feet? >> by monday morning. it is a ways off. tomorrow loads -- looks good and friday transitions to the cold weather. and if you want to see the meteor shower tomorrow morning, how is the cloud cover? >> it should be fine. but if you're out in santa rosa, you're going to see them. >> great. thank you. and "desperate housewives" star eva longoria is shedding the wife in real life. she filed for divorce today from her basketball husband tony parker. and she requested that her maiden name of longoria be restored. the two were married in july of 2007 and have no children. and "people" is celebratg the 25th anniversary of the magazine's first sexiest man edition, and this year the title goes to actor ryan reynolds. the 34-year-old actor co- starred with sandra bullock in "the proposal." the hollywood funny guy likes the new title but says it will be difficult to work in the -- into conversations with random
5:52 pm
strangers. >> one bay area city is trying to keep it clean. the message itsending out today and what it wants from now. -- from you.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
the ceo mark zuckerberg is apologizing to facebook users that debugged facebook accounts. they launched a program and it
5:55 pm
inadvertently disabled legitimate ones as well. all of the affected users were women, and all accounts are working again. he says the bug is not related to the new mail system we told you that facebook launched on monday. a new campaign has been lost in san francisco aimed at cleaning up city streets, and also put an end to illegal dumping. and it is important that we realize what dumping means. it is not just a little garbage. it is dons an tons of garage. >> the department of public works announced the new campaign this morning saying the program will start in the city's bay view district and then expand citywide. the department says it is staking a two-pronged approach to combat the problem. first, it will try to educate the public that leaving bulky items such as couches and mattresses on city streets not only illegal, it is costly. second ddepartment wants to encourage individuals to step up and report large-scale illegal dumping. >> the department of public works is constantly diverted from the routine maintenance it
5:56 pm
should be doing to keep our city clean and beautiful because it is spending the resources picking up the illegally dumped material. >> the police department, the united fathers' coalition and the department of public works are all working together to try to end the illegal dumping. the campaign emphasizes free and low-cost alternatives that the residents and the businesses can use to get rid of the bulky items, most notely the city's eco-friendly guide. >> and stay with us. there is much more news ahead. k. d. v. u. channel 2 news at 6:00 is is up next. some are calling the idea ridiculous. coming up, what this study is revealing that could cost drivers along this thoroughfare more money. we'll have is that story straight ahead.
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
the fight over tuition hikes turns violent as a u.c. chasm pus police officer turns his gun on protesters and what they say prompted the confrontation judgement and terrorizing children at gun point that's what happened after three robbers stormed into a bay area chuck e. cheese. tonight, the police want you to take a good look at this
5:59 pm
surveillance video. good evening, everyone. >> and a clash between u.c. campus police and hundreds of demonstrators today led to a violent confrontation with at least one officer pulling his gun on a crowd at ucsf. today's demonstration comes as the university of california board of regents is expected to vote tomorrow on another plan to hike tuition rates. ktvu's david stevenson joins us now from san francisco with the latest. >> reporter: u.c. police say about three officers were injured and more than a dozen people arrested in a series of confrontations along those barricades. 300 people rallied outside today's university of california's regents' meeting today at the mission bay campus. they were angry about a proposed 8% student fee hike set to be voted on tomorrow. the u.c. officials say the increase is necessary to close a billion dollar


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